Thursday, January 1, 2009

1/365: Happy New Year

The ornaments have been taken down, stored, the lights have been taken down, untangled 687 times in the process, and packed away. The boxes have been stacked in the closet. It's official: Christmas is over. The new year has begun.

I have decided to revive my blog and use it as a springboard for my upcoming project. I am dedicated and determined this year to complete it. I have always had good intentions for Project 365, but never managed to finish it, or in most cases, even start it. So now I can at least say I started it, even if it ends up incomplete. I honestly think I have the drive this year to finish it.

So away we go!


1 comment:

Megarooo said...

Good luck, I've been taking pictures for the same thing. I doubt I'll make a daily post.