Wednesday, January 14, 2009

14/365: ON HOLD?! *edit* Crisis Averted

In an effort to "help" me, my children have somehow run off with my camera and now I have no idea where it is. I was doing so well with my project! Must find camera!


After I searched the entire house top to bottom, and even asked my 4 year old what she had been taking pictures of when she used Mommy's camera, I started to get a little frustrated. Thinking of all of the time and effort I had spent on this project and then not having a camera to take the pictures in order to complete it brought tears to my eyes. It's silly I know, but PMS is my story and I'm sticking to it. I remember her telling me that she was taking pictures of the computer. Didn't make much sense at the time, but when I started thinking about where the camera could be, I decided to scour the desk from top to bottom, inside and out, to find my camera. Wanna see where it was hiding?

January 14

Found my camera hiding in a BOX inside my computer desk. Not just any box, but a box we don't even use. We don't even use that portion of the desk at all, that's where that box has been sitting there, packed, for the 9 months we lived in this house! Does that seem like the place I would have put my camera when I was done using it? I'm thinking two little hands were involved in this:
The Great Camera Caper of 2009!


christie said...

At least you finally found it!!!

jediflame said...

LOL!!! Oh, my, I would *freak* if anyone hid my camera like that! And what a great story to add to your 365 album.

Oh, and about the moon camera didn't want to cooperate, either. It's just not capable of metering all that black with a blob of white- there are a lot of things the human eye is still better at. I had to put it in Shutter Priority and then set the shutter speed to be a lot faster than it wanted to meter for. Otherwise I got this big, overexposed blob in the frame.

Astrophotography 101- the moon is a sunlit object, your camera just doesn't know it. :)

Scrappycook said...

Hi there! Thank for visiting my blog! Are you doing the Becky Higgins 365 projects or making one of your own? It sounds like such a good idea and I love the idea of recording it daily on your blog.