Saturday, January 17, 2009

15,16&17/365: Homework, Awards, and Daddy's Girl

Got a little behind again. I had to work Friday. I substituted for a 5th grade science teacher. I prefer high school students, so I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't as dreadful and out of control as I expected it to be. After work, I had to run to the grocery store and then we went and visited my MIL. Today has been a very lazy day. No one in the family has felt very well, so we've spent a lot of time resting. So, here's my attempt at 1/2 a week's catch-up.

January 15
Laila attempts to do her homework. We had a very serious discussion about spelling. She wasn't understanding my point of view, and I wasn't quite understanding why she wasn't understanding. Here she's asking me "But Mommy! Why can't the A go in the front?? I want the A in the front!!" Then it doesn't spell Laila, you silly!
January 16

Leah's awards ceremony for the 4th 6-weeks grading period. All A's and the Character Counts award, which means she's had exemplary behavior all year long. If only we could see some of that character at home. I guess I'd rather her be a charmer at school than treat her teachers like she treats her sisters.

January 17

Leah spent most of the weekend at a friend's house, and she was very excited to be home with her parents. Of all three of my girls, she is the self-proclaimed Daddy's Girl. She looks the most like him as well. I like to see them spending quality time together.


Luann said...

Love the homework picture her little hand just says it all!

Terri G. said...

How cute that your DD wants the A in front! And my kids are the same way about behaving like angels at school and not so angelic at home. :) said...

ryc: Really? We dont live that far from each other in that case. I live on the NW side of Houston Between 290 and I10... and there are an abundance of HEB here- some of those market style ones that are so... luxurious!

Scrapronicity said...

Hi :) I got your e-mail, thanks for finding my blog! Your photos are terrific, I keep thinking I need to pay better attention to mine but I just sort of put them up as is. :) I'm looking forward to following your 365...