Sunday, January 11, 2009

10&11/365: More than 16 candles and Running on Empty

Okay, this is my final day of catch-up and then I'll be back where I started. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to start posting every day again, but I just got a little behind this weekend because I wasn't home very much. I can't wait to get my page protectors for this project (I will be using the We R Memory Keepers 6 up page protectors from HL) so that I can start putting it together. I had planned on working on my journaling before I got my page protectors, but since I'm essentially journaling here, all I'll have to do is copy what is written here and then put them in the appropriate places. I'm a little confuzzled as to how my half week will work since I started on a Wednesday, and that's the main reason I'm waiting. I think it will be fine, in theory, since the first page of the album and the last page of the album will be half weeks. The week of December 27th, which is the last week of the year, only has 4 days in it until the end of the month, so I should be fine. That will be a single page also, so I am thinking it will work out perfectly.
On with the pictures......
January 10th

On Saturday, we attended a birthday party for my friend's husband, who turned 30 this year. Tons of jokes were made about him getting old, as he's the oldest of the group of friends that were at the party, and it came out that while he was at the grocery store that afternoon, the cashier addressed him as Pops. That was the running joke all evening. It got me to thinking though, that this is what my birthday cake is going to look like in 8 months. Someone call the fire department!!

January 11th
It seems like every time I get in my van these days the gas gauge says the same thing. It's not from traveling too much because I never go anywhere except to the school and the grocery store. And gas prices have gone down, so that's not the culprit either, but all I know is that every time I sit down in the driver's seat I'm faced with an empty tank!

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